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霉菌污染威胁着渥太华家庭和企业的健康. 确保安全 检查是否有霉菌 如有需要,及时进行除霉和修复.

A Enviropure specialist removes mold from a home while wearing the appropriate protective equipment


模具 is a toxic substance that is hazardous to one’s health if breathed in. Homes are susceptible to mold growth due to excessive buildup of moisture in a warm atmosphere. 模具 can also damage the walls, pipes and other structural elements of a building. 模具 often goes undetected for too long, compounding the health issues caused by breathing in mold. It is thus imperative to get out in front of mold growth with mold cleaning services.

防止霉菌快速扩散, 无论是普通的真菌还是噩梦般的黑霉, 最好聘请有经验的渥太华模具 除专业人士 为了测试 存在霉菌; find the mold in your home or commercial building; and thoroughly & effectively remove it from your premises with Ottawa mold remediation services. Talk to Enviropure today about our Ottawa mold removal services and how we can help restore a safe, 家庭或办公室的健康环境.



需要清洗地毯吗?? 寻找装修后的清理工作? 或者你只是需要彻底打扫一下房子. 今天优德游戏app免费评估!



模具 in the home has proven to have detrimental health effects over time if it is left untreated. 人们接触霉菌时常见的症状包括:

  • 流鼻涕 & 交通拥堵
  • 眼睛刺激性
  • 打喷嚏
  • 咳嗽
  • 喉咙痛
  • 皮疹
  • 头痛
  • 肺部疾病
  • 喘息

已经有过敏等疾病的人, 哮喘, 慢性阻塞性肺病, cystic fibrosis or a compromised immune system are at greater risk of developing complications like infection when exposed to mold. If you notice any of these symptoms and can’t explain why they’re happening, then you should have your home tested for mold and hire us for mold removal as quickly as possible to preserve your health. Enviropure在这里帮助您满足渥太华所有的模具去除需求.


模具测试 & 对家乡的补救 & 业务

如果你在你的房子里发现了霉菌, 您可以而且应该尽快进行渥太华模具修复服务. But what if you have undetected mold in your home or on your commercial premises? 你有可能, 你的家人, your staff and/or your clientele have been breathing air that’s contaminated with mold particles. 找到答案的方法是测试你的室内空气质量.

在Enviropure,我们执行彻底的 室内空气质量检查,测试:

当谈到你呼吸的空气时,确保它是纯净的. 信赖渥太华的Enviropure进行模具测试和模具去除. Contact Enviropure today to get a free quote for indoor air testing in Ottawa.



作为我们除霉和修复过程的一部分, mold cleaning in Ottawa can be a daunting process when handled the wrong way.  There are different mold cleaning techniques and removal processes for different surfaces such as walls, 干墙, 木, 画木, 皮革, 织物, 洗衣机, 地下室, 阁楼, 天花板, 浴室等. Our professionals at Enviropurehome understand the techniques required for cleaning mold off different surfaces as well as getting rid of mold spores in the air without propagating damage.

经过模具清洗和修复过程, our staff will help you stay on top of mould growth in your house by keeping an eye out for condensation spots and replacing damaged seals to prevent mould from growing in your home.

为了避免这种头痛再次发生, 修理费用, 暴露在令人不快的霉菌修复化学物质中, reach out to us at Enviropurehome today and get it done right the first time.

cleaners having fun on the job and giving a thumbs up in their cleaning gear during mold removal

经常 问问题

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about mold removal.

有一定程度的模具堆积-一些模具可以很容易地清理, while tougher mold build-up (including powerful black mold) requires professional Ottawa mold removal. 有“好霉菌”这种东西吗?“嗯,这取决于你对蓝纹奶酪的感觉. 但是,在某些情况下,如果有轻微的霉菌 & mildew that you find during your regular cleaning, you can use household mold & 除霉的解决方案,比如你在商店买的. 但是,一定要检查原因 & 模具来源. 尽可能将水分(发霉的主要原因)控制在最低限度, 否则模具会返回. 对于更大的, 更强烈的霉菌积聚(绝对是黑霉菌), 是时候给渥太华的霉菌修复专家打电话了.

我们使用一个多阶段的过程为我们的渥太华模具修复服务. 首先我们进行空气质量测试. 如果检测到霉菌的存在, 我们搜索霉菌并找到它的位置(并确定其来源)。. 然后我们执行渥太华模具去除彻底. 以确保我们已经把所有的霉菌从你的家或公司, 我们再做一次空气质量测试. 如果仍然检测到霉菌(不常见,但有时会发生), 这是一个“泡沫”, 冲洗, 重复这个循环,直到所有的霉菌都消失.

如果被吸入,霉菌被认为是一种潜在的有害污染物. 模具 是否与上呼吸道症状、咳嗽和喘息有关. 霉菌也与哮喘症状有关, and to hypersensitivity pneumonitis in individuals susceptible to this immune-mediated condition. That’s why, when 存在霉菌 is detected, mold remediation and mold removal are called for.

The length of a mold remediation job varies depending on the specifications of each situation – primarily the size of the area affected. If the mold is restricted to a relatively small, localized area, it can take up to a day to remove. 如果蔓延到整个家庭或甚至几个家庭, 修复霉菌需要2-4天.

Contact us today to get a a free quote and a timeline estimate on how long it would take to remove the 存在霉菌 on your property.

根据模具的程度和具体需要的设备而定, 修复霉菌的费用相当昂贵. Depending on the situation, your home insurance might be able to cover some of the expenses.

如果霉菌爆发是由单独事件引起的, your insurance policy could cover the expense of mold remediation services. If you need help reviewing your insurance policy to find out if mold removal fees are covered, 立即优德游戏app! 我们是来帮你解决所有的除霉需求的.

是的,确实如此! Air quality testing covers harmful particulates in the air, including mold. At Enviropure, our air quality testing service is often the first step to Ottawa mold remediation. Let us test the indoor air quality that you and 你的家人 or teammates are breathing. 我们会告诉你我们发现了什么,通过 & 准确的结果. 如果发现有霉菌, we’ll then search to find where it is and determine how best to proceed to Ottawa mold remediation / mold removal.

进行渥太华模具彻底修复所需的时间, 包括测试, 因项目而异. 当我们给你一个模具修复项目的估价时, 我们也会让你知道这个项目大约需要多长时间.